BoringSSL Headers

Low-level infrastructure
base64.hbase64 functions
bio.hBIO abstracts over a file-descriptor like interface
buf.hMemory and string functions, see also mem.h
bytestring.hBytestrings are used for parsing and building TLS and ASN.1 messages
err.hError queue handling functions
crypto.hcrypto.h contains functions for library-wide initialization and properties
ex_data.hex_data is a mechanism for associating arbitrary extra data with objects
lhash.hlhash is an internal library and not exported for use outside BoringSSL
mem.hMemory and string functions, see also buf.h
obj.hThe objects library deals with the registration and indexing of ASN.1 object identifiers
pool.hBuffers and buffer pools
posix_time.hTime functions
rand.hRandom number generation
stack.hA stack, in OpenSSL, is an array of pointers
Low-level crypto primitives
aes.hRaw AES functions
bn.hBN provides support for working with arbitrary sized integers
dh.hDH contains functions for performing Diffie-Hellman key agreement in multiplicative groups
dsa.hDSA contains functions for signing and verifying with the Digital Signature Algorithm
ec.hLow-level operations on elliptic curves
ec_key.hec_key.h contains functions that handle elliptic-curve points that are public/private keys
ecdh.hElliptic curve Diffie-Hellman
ecdsa.hECDSA contains functions for signing and verifying with the Digital Signature Algorithm over elliptic curves
engine.hEngines are collections of methods
hmac.hHMAC contains functions for constructing PRFs from Merkle–Damgård hash functions using HMAC
rsa.hrsa.h contains functions for handling encryption and signature using RSA
sha.hThe SHA family of hash functions (SHA-1 and SHA-2)
siphash.hSipHash is a fast, secure PRF that is often used for hash tables
Crypto interfaces
digest.hDigest functions
aead.hAuthenticated Encryption with Additional Data
evp.hEVP abstracts over public/private key algorithms
hpke.hHybrid Public Key Encryption
kdf.hKDF support for EVP
Legacy ASN.1 and X.509 implementation
asn1.hLegacy ASN.1 library
conf.hConfig files
x509.hLegacy X.509 library
Experimental primitives. Will be removed and replaced when standardized!
SSL implementation
ssl.hSSL implementation