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Elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman.

  1. ECDH_compute_key
  2. ECDH_compute_key_fips

ECDH_compute_key calculates the shared key between pub_key and priv_key. If kdf is not NULL, then it is called with the bytes of the shared key and the parameter out. When kdf returns, the value of *outlen becomes the return value. Otherwise, as many bytes of the shared key as will fit are copied directly to, at most, outlen bytes at out. It returns the number of bytes written to out, or -1 on error.

OPENSSL_EXPORT int ECDH_compute_key(
    void *out, size_t outlen, const EC_POINT *pub_key, const EC_KEY *priv_key,
    void *(*kdf)(const void *in, size_t inlen, void *out, size_t *outlen));

ECDH_compute_key_fips calculates the shared key between pub_key and priv_key and hashes it with the appropriate SHA function for out_len. The only value values for out_len are thus 24 (SHA-224), 32 (SHA-256), 48 (SHA-384), and 64 (SHA-512). It returns one on success and zero on error.

Note that the return value is different to ECDH_compute_key: it returns an error flag (as is common for BoringSSL) rather than the number of bytes written.

This function allows the FIPS module to compute an ECDH and KDF within the module boundary without taking an arbitrary function pointer for the KDF, which isn't very FIPSy.

OPENSSL_EXPORT int ECDH_compute_key_fips(uint8_t *out, size_t out_len,
                                         const EC_POINT *pub_key,
                                         const EC_KEY *priv_key);