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crypto.h contains functions for initializing the crypto library.

  1. CRYPTO_library_init
  2. CRYPTO_is_confidential_build
  3. CRYPTO_has_asm
  4. FIPS_mode
  5. Deprecated functions
  8. SSLeay_version
  9. SSLeay
  10. CRYPTO_malloc_init
  11. ENGINE_load_builtin_engines
  12. ENGINE_register_all_complete
  13. OPENSSL_load_builtin_modules

CRYPTO_library_init initializes the crypto library. It must be called if the library is built with BORINGSSL_NO_STATIC_INITIALIZER. Otherwise, it does nothing and a static initializer is used instead. It is safe to call this function multiple times and concurrently from multiple threads.

On some ARM configurations, this function may require filesystem access and should be called before entering a sandbox.

OPENSSL_EXPORT void CRYPTO_library_init(void);

CRYPTO_is_confidential_build returns one if the linked version of BoringSSL has been built with the BORINGSSL_CONFIDENTIAL define and zero otherwise.

This is used by some consumers to identify whether they are using an internal version of BoringSSL.

OPENSSL_EXPORT int CRYPTO_is_confidential_build(void);

CRYPTO_has_asm returns one unless BoringSSL was built with OPENSSL_NO_ASM, in which case it returns zero.

OPENSSL_EXPORT int CRYPTO_has_asm(void);

FIPS_mode returns zero unless BoringSSL is built with BORINGSSL_FIPS, in which case it returns one.

OPENSSL_EXPORT int FIPS_mode(void);

Deprecated functions.

OPENSSL_VERSION_TEXT contains a string the identifies the version of “OpenSSL”. node.js requires a version number in this text.

#define OPENSSL_VERSION_TEXT "OpenSSL 1.0.2 (compatible; BoringSSL)"

SSLeay_version is a compatibility function that returns the string "BoringSSL".

OPENSSL_EXPORT const char *SSLeay_version(int unused);

SSLeay is a compatibility function that returns OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER from base.h.

OPENSSL_EXPORT unsigned long SSLeay(void);

CRYPTO_malloc_init returns one.

OPENSSL_EXPORT int CRYPTO_malloc_init(void);

ENGINE_load_builtin_engines does nothing.

OPENSSL_EXPORT void ENGINE_load_builtin_engines(void);

ENGINE_register_all_complete returns one.

OPENSSL_EXPORT int ENGINE_register_all_complete(void);

OPENSSL_load_builtin_modules does nothing.

OPENSSL_EXPORT void OPENSSL_load_builtin_modules(void);