Today, a script on a server somewhere in a Hamburg research facility awoke, and sent me the first of what I expect are a series of emails comprising pages from Carrie Campbell's Vision Journal, a project she began on Epiphany Night and that has apparently continued to date.

The speculation is, and I hope that our discussion today can help build on that and hopefully help us reach some conclusions, that Carrie may indeed be the key to unlocking the meaning of the Shaper Glyphs, discovered by Hank Johnson near Cross Plains, and released to the world by the brave actions of the London Enlightened, stymieing a series of corporate conspiracies to seek exclusive control of their supposed power.

My question for today involves this image: (a passcode for those who contribute meaningful posts)

If there is ever to be a Rosetta Stone to guide us into unlocking the Shaper Glyphs, this might be it. Let's see if our collective of great minds can begin to understand what these Glyphs may mean. Let's dive into this image and speculate, share and brainstorm, and see what comes loose.

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