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Obviously, the events surrounding Oliver's premature attempt to deploy the Power Cube have affected research negatively in some ways and proven to be extremely insightful in others. After all, we are getting to see what results from exposure to extreme amounts of XM. If nothing else, we have proven that even at ultra-high doses, non-sensitives remain unaffected, and for sensitives, the effects are extremely unpredictable7uf4enochu8z4r Enoch and Carrie have been holed up together, and are working on various with unusual amounts of vigor and intensity. They have largely been preoccupied and non-communicative about what they experienced other than to say that she is pursuing some breakthroughs on the symbiology of the ordered data (unclear what that means...) and he is working obsessively on a composition called 'Epiphany Night.' Dr. Lightman is still under medical watch with Dr. Steve Kershner who you probably remember from Project Wydah. Stein's grip on reality is currently 'semi-dream state'. At times, he loses track of what's real and what is not, and is seeing gods and demons and shades everywhere. He cannot control when he is in and out of reality. I suspect that his religious training is informing the nature of his hallucinations. Frankly he is currently non-coherent. Yuri Alaric Nagassa is very calm. I am copying some text from his daily log document: "What I experienced [during the deployment] was exactly the same vision journey I had taken as a child with the Anazktec (*The uncontacted tribe in the Andes that he grew up amongst* -vk). Hamara, my spirit animal was there, and so was I in my young boy form. Hamara looked into me and asked me to ride her. She carried me on her back, and together the three of us (Hamara, young me, today me) took a journey into the stars." I spoke with him briefly after AM updates about his 'spirit voyage.' The curious thing is that he seems utterly unphased or surprised by any of this. Could it be possible that Yuri Nagassa is processing the XM carrier signal as primal Jungian archetypes (conditioned by his childhood training)? It is worth investigating further... Misty Hannah, who if I remember correctly you recruited to Project Whydah based on her paranormal indications, has always tested far outside probability with no indication of deception. Plainly, we have not ever been able to prove her as abilities as fake. During Epiphany Night, she too experienced rather powerful effects, but due to her bizarre life experiences, seemed largely unphased. Frankly, if I'd grown up on a commune with an aging group of hippies, short trips out of reality would probably not be outside the realm of my experience either. Some of the visions have been unusually dark, even for her. She has expressed her desire to take a break from Niantic; I told her I would raise the issue with you after we had had a few week to process the event. Lynton-Wolfe is in a non-stop manic flow state since Epiphany Night. He's continuing to develop XM techs that are frankly beyond my comprehension. I'm beginning to worry that he may have been shaped. The event's effect on him has been to heighten his abilities and insight into the work. I tried to do a 1:1 meeting with him but he refused to be distracted from his work at this point in time. I will follow up with him, and frankly I would advise you to have him monitored. Despite the fact that we all know the risks involved, I am convinced that we should continue to investigate the value of high-dose-XM research. We should view 'Epiphany Night' not as a crisis, but a tremendous opportunity. While the unfortunate incident with Dr. Bogdanovich and Mr. Jarvis has been saddening, and although there may be additional casualties in the future, the risk level is sustainable and the opportunity is the potential for nothing less than a scientific renaissance in the subatomic realm. I am honored you have chosen me for this role, I think I am well suited to continue the work of Niantic. Victor "Dr. Ezekiel Calvin" <> wrote: Victor, I need 1:1 updates from all members of the team currently on the premises, with a specific focus on any effects felt during the deployment event, and in particular any after-effects of the XM spike. With Devra gone, I will be looking to you to guide and manage team goals and focus. Please consider yourself interim lead researcher for now. We need to regain the initiative. -zc