git retry [-v] [-c COUNT] [-d DELAY] [-D DELAY_FACTOR] — <git_subcommand>


git retry is a bootstrap that wraps a standard git command execution in a fault-tolerant retry wrapper.

If a retry succeeds, the return code of the successful attempt is returned. Otherwise, the return code of the last failed attempt is returned.

The wrapper is aware of git-specific failure conditions and will only consider retrying if a given failure can be linked to such a condition.



The git command to retry. This should omit the actual git command (e.g., to retry git clone, use git retry clone).

-v, --verbose

Increases logging verbosity. By default, no additional logging is generated by the git retry command. This can be specified multiple times.

-c, --retry-count count

Specify the number of retries that should be performed before giving up. The default retry count is 5.

-d, --delay seconds

Floating-point value that specifies the amount of time (in seconds) to wait after a failure. This can be zero to specify no delay. The default delay is 3 seconds.

-D, --delay-factor

The exponential factor to apply to the delay. By default this is 2. For a given retry round n, the delay for that round will be (<delay-factor>^(n-1) * delay). If no delay is specified, this will have no effect. If the delay factor is 0, the delay will increase linearly (for a given retry round n, the delay will be (n * delay)).

(Note that a delay factor of *1* will result in a constant delay.)


Upon success, git retry will exit with the successful exit code of 0. On failure, it will exit with the exit code of the last failed attempt.


Part of the chromium depot_tools(7) suite. These tools are meant to assist with the development of chromium and related projects. Download the tools by checking out the git repository.