git reparent-branch <new_parent>
git reparent-branch --lkgr
git reparent-branch --root


Change the upstream of the current branch, and then run git-rebase-update(1) to move the commits in the current branch, as well as the commits in all descendant branches, onto the new parent.

<new_parent> may be either a local branch, remote branch, OR a tag (such as lkgr).

This is particularly useful to reparent an independent CL to become dependent on another CL, or vice versa. This could happen if you started both on the assumption that they were independent, but later realized that this was not the case.



The new parent to set as the upstream for this branch. May be a branch ref or a tag.


Reparent to track lkgr.


Reparent to track the root branch. Defaults to origin/main. See git-new-branch(1)'s CONFIGURATION VARIABLES section..


Some common short-hand aliases. Feel free to add these to your ~/.gitconfig file.

  rp = reparent-branch



Part of the chromium depot_tools(7) suite. These tools are meant to assist with the development of chromium and related projects. Download the tools by checking out the git repository.