git map [<extra_args>…]


Git map formats the output of git log --graph from all refs such that:

  • Current branch is cyan.

  • Local branches are green.

  • Remote branches are red.

  • Tags are magenta.

  • Merge Base markers are white.

  • The currently checked out commit is highlighted with a blue background.

The output is automatically piped through the less pager command, even on windows.



Extra parameters to pass to the internal git-log(1) invocation. This can be used to restrict what refs git map operates on, etc.

If you run git map with a series of fixed arguments frequently, you can use the configuration variable to pre-set arguments (See CONFIGURATION VARIABLES)


Each value of the config variable is applied as an additional argument to git log during the execution of git map. If you wish to configure this, use git config --add <value> to do so.


Running git map would result in an output something like:

$ git map
* d0fb9c7283	(HEAD -> frozen_branch) 2014-04-10 ~ FREEZE.unindexed
* f48f415e0f	2014-04-10 ~ modfile
* 4c5b9c0afd	2014-04-10 ~ a deleted file
* f7ce1e4b36	(fixit) 2014-04-10 ~ Add neat feature
* 3726937ae6	2014-04-10 ~ Epic README update
| * 14db2e5a60	(cool_feature) 2014-04-10 ~ Respond to CL comments
| | * ee3f972810	(subfeature) 2014-04-10 ~ integrate with CoolService
| | * 4f9f5082c8	2014-04-10 ~ slick commenting action
| |/
| * 7d84f8580a	2014-04-10 ~ another improvement    <(subfeature)
| * 27abea4b40	(spleen_tag) 2014-04-10 ~ Refactor spleen
| * d8abe739e3	2014-04-10 ~ Add widget
* beec6f4746	(origin/main, origin/HEAD) 2014-04-10 ~ Make ReflectorImpl use mailboxes    <(cool_feature, fixit)
* 41290e02b7	2014-04-10 ~ don't use glibc-specific execinfo.h on uclibc builds
* a76fde7b7b	2014-04-10 ~ [fsp] Add requestUnmount() method together with the request manager.
* 9de7a713b3	2014-04-10 ~ linux_aura: Use system configuration for middle clicking the titlebar.
* 073b0c203a	2014-04-10 ~ ContentView->ContentViewCore in ContentViewRenderView
* 2250f532d7	2014-04-10 ~ ozone: evdev: Filter devices by path
* 33a7a742b7	2014-04-10 ~ Always output seccomp error messages to stderr

As you can see, the structure of the commit history is visible, particularly what the parents of each commit are. In order to see the upstream relationships of the branches (i.e. which branch is tracking which other branch), use the git-map-branches(1) command.



Part of the chromium depot_tools(7) suite. These tools are meant to assist with the development of chromium and related projects. Download the tools by checking out the git repository.