Finally, a word from an old friend.

She was online for only a brief instant before she severed her communication channel, probably to continue to fly under the radar and avoid Omnivore.

My guess is, given this new information, that a new status quo may already have come into play with regards to Niantic's shuttered Geneva facility, although I do not yet have any evidence to confirm this.

For today's question, I want to discuss the personnel who remained at Niantic after the shutdown, and how they might be leveraged under the new status quo. As usual, a passcode for those who contribute meaningfully to our discussion today.

Yuri Alaric Nagassa, Martin Schubert, Stein Lightman and possibly Henry Bowles remained at the Niantic Facility under NIA/Hazdata control. What do we know about them? What are their skillsets and value? Can we predict how their expertise might be leveraged by the Corporations to their own advantage, and how might this affect the world of Ingress and Exotic Matter?

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