Today, an IQTech Research document reveals more details about the upcoming Operation #Minotaur.

What I found most interesting was the possibility that Agents from around the globe may be able to influence the course of the Anomaly by building Shaper Glyphs using Links and Fields. Although it seems the researchers have not yet been able to determine the net effect of this, I have some ideas.

We know from a recent transcript that Carrie Campbell is flitting in and out of lucidity, perhaps in some deep trance-like state as she makes her way to the United States (and my guess is, toward the center of Operation Minotaur). We also know from her work on her Double Blind Study and her Vision Journal that she is integral to an understanding of the Glyphs. My guess is that somehow this Anomaly may be able to influence her discovery process, but I'm not sure quite how.

Here's my question today: (A passcode, as usual, to those who contribute thoughtfully.)

How do we process this new information regarding the way the Shaper Glyphs may alter Operation Minotaur? What possible influence do you think they might have, and how do you think this might change the nature of the Anomaly? Does understanding, or at least beginning to understand, the possible meaning of the Glyphs empower us somehow?

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