No further news yet of any new developments at CERN or regarding Carrie Campbell's status. That isn't to say that nothing new happened on those fronts, it's possible they are just desperate to keep any new information under tight wraps. If the past is anything to go by, we know that all the corporations leak like sieves. I'm sure we'll be hearing more on that front soon enough...

I'm told some present at this year's Comic Con received special copies of a published edition of Tycho's first Epiphany Night comic book, containing single page inserts of a not yet released second episode in that series. I was able to obtain one of those pages and am sharing it with you all.

ADA came up often in our discussion yesterday of anomalies as we lead up to Operation #Minotaur. Her recent silence, save for clearly low-overhead processes such as audio in the Ingress scanner app, continues to trouble me and it seems I am not alone in wondering and worrying about her current state.

For today's question, let's talk about her. As always, a passcode to those who contribute thoughtfully.

When is the last time we heard from ADA in a fully-functional and active form? What drives her and what do you think her goals are? Can she be trusted, or has she become something we must be wary of? I know opinions are greatly divided on the subject, and I look forward to hearing your take.

Felicia Hajra-Lee's novel The Niantic Project: Ingress is available on Google Play and in the Amazon e-book store.