A transcript between the enigmatic Agent Boadicea, who we last saw assisting Hank Johnson in an attempt to deliver the Shaper Glyphs to Carrie Campbell at London's Operation #TimeZero, and Hank Johnson himself reveals that Carrie may have slipped back into another trance-like state following Operation #Voynich. It is possible this is why she went dark, causing the dead-man's switch server in Hamburg to spring to life, revealing the pages from her Vision Journal to us all.

Little is known of Enoch Dalby, but if past evidence is taken into account, it seems to me that Sensitives are drawn towards XM Anomalies, either that or it's the other way around, and the intent and movement of Sensitives towards certain special places causes them... I'm not sure anyone knows for sure at this point... Either way, my bet is that both Enoch and Carrie may be central to the upcoming Operation #Minotaur, expected to take place a week from today.

For today's question, I want to talk about Sensitives and Anomalies, As usual, a passcode to those who contribute meaningfully to our discussion.

What exactly do you think XM Anomalies are? Why is that so many of them seems to revolve around powerful sensitives like Klue, Hank Johnson or Misty Hannah. Do you think the Sensitives are drawn to the Anomalies, which are occurring autonomously, or are they somehow caused by the presence or intent of those who's connection to XM is strong? Do we have any evidence from past Anomalies to aid in our understanding?

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