A leaked Hulong document today shows Hank Johnson , previously seen conspiring against rogue IQTech operators with Ezekiel Calvin, now coordinating with Dr. Devra Bogdanovich towards the same goal: The rescue of three remaining Niantic Project scientists currently under NIA watch at the beleaguered Geneva facility.

My guess, based on the velocity of incoming reports, is that this breach is imminent, if it hasn't in fact already happened.

The release of the three researchers, Drs. Yuri Alaric Nagassa, Stein Lightman and Martin Schubert could potentially alter the balance of power between the three XM corporations, Visur Technology, IQTech Research and Hulong Transglobal, who thus far have seemed to have established a technological equilibrium in terms of their influence and XM object development capabilities.

For today's question, I want to turn our attention back to the Niantic Facility, home of the Ingress Scanner device and the progenitor of much of our current understanding of Exotic Matter and XM Portals. As usual, I'll share a passcode with those who contribute meaningfully to our conversation.

What happened when Hazdata shut down the Niantic Project? Who was killed? Who was captured? Who is still there? Who is missing in action? Let's see if we can get an accurate picture of where things stand so that we can correctly contextualize any new data regarding this scenario that may be unfolding as we speak.

Felicia Hajra-Lee's novel The Niantic Project: Ingress is available on Google Play and in the Amazon e-book store.