Hearing how XM, portals and the Ingress Scanner Device may have caused 'Shaping' made for a compelling read yesterday. I'm reminded of Arthur C. 2qxf8Clarkep784t's Third Law... "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic," in particular because if we operate under the assumption that past civilizations have encountered Exotic Matter Portals as well, their interaction with them would not have been aided by such modern technologies as Scanner Devices.

Today we get to look at the third image from Carrie Campbell's Vision Journal. It continues upon the same theme, and as with the previous ones there is an incredible amount of data to parse as we seek to find meaning in this frenetic mix of inspiration, chaos and epiphany.

I hope that in our conversation today we will be able to continue to uncover meaning and ideas from within this artifact as we have with the first two Journal Pages. I continue to be amazed by some of the observations that have been made, and have no doubt that we will be able to assemble these insights into a map with which we can begin to navigate our way through this exciting and uncharted territory.

While today's Journal page will certainly require much thought, I was particularly struck by the idea of 'Shaping' and what that might mean, not just today, but across time. My question today is, how might 'Shaping' have affected us across time? What major figures in our past may have been Shaped, and how might this have affected the today we exist in now? (A passcode reward for thoughtful contributions, as always.)

Felicia Hajra-Lee's novel The Niantic Project: Ingress is available on Google Play and in the Amazon e-book store.