Some really compelling discussion yesterday, thank you all for contributing.

Today, I'm sharing the image the server in Hamburg sent me yesterday. If anyone has word of Carrie Campbell, please let me know. As I continue to look over these journal pages, I grow increasingly convinced that she is close to if not directly at the key to understanding the Shaper Glyphs.

I spend a large portion of my evening yesterday with a large mug of coffee poring over the many details and clues to unravel in today's Journal page. As with the previous one, there is much to observe, uncover and discover. I look forward to seeing what you will find there that I might have missed.

In addition to exploring this new Journal page in our discussion today, for my question today I'd like to gather some data related to the concept of 'Shaping.' (As usual, a passcode reward for thoughtful contributions...)

If we operate under the assumption that exposure to XM and portals may lead to 'Shaping,' is there any evidence from your daily experience either operating the Ingress Scanner Device or simply visiting potential or known portals that this might be true? Have you experienced or witnessed changes in aptitude, behaviour or abilities? Were these changes good, bad or neutral?

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