I was able to uncover this discarded top-sheet draft of a research proposal Carrie Campbell prepared while at the Niantic Project. My understanding is that while she was unable to complete this work while at Niantic, she laid much of the framework that led to her recent work in Hamburg, the results of which we have not yet been able to gain access to.

Especially after the powerful reaction to yesterday's journal page, I am looking forward to continuing to explore this unfamiliar and exciting new territory. Mark my words, we are at the cusp of something big, perhaps something bigger than humanity has experienced in many generations. It's a privilege being here at this pivotal moment with you all.

The server sent me another page today, still no word from Carrie... I'm examining it right now, and will share it with you all shortly.

My question for today focuses in on some of the language used in today's document... (as usual, a passcode for those who contribute thoughtfully).

Although the document is partially redacted, Carrie posits that somehow these Glyphs may not be a modern occurrence, but rather an artifact of Humanity's history. What is your take on this? Do you believe that XM may have affected civilization not only today, but across our evolution, and in what way might that have occurred?

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