A leaked Hulong Transglobal document picks up a thread we are following today, and carries it back many years.

I have long suspected that Zeke Calvin and Hank Johnson's history goes back well past the Niantic Project, that the post-it note on Hank's DOD transcript was a cover to obscure their past relationship, but the evidence has always been a bit fuzzy.

Certainly, both operators have been nested deep in the intelligence world for most of their careers. Calvin at the NIA running projects like Whydah, and Hank as a Psy-Ops specialist exploring anomalous activity in areas like Afghanistan, the site of one of Tycho's first visions.

In the document I received today, we see them conspiring together against the forces mobilized by IQTech Research operator Lorazon and what one expects may be a deadly strike force commissioned by Hulong Transglobal's Catherine Fan.

My question for the day involves Whydah: (a passcode for those who contribute thoughtful posts)

Details are scarce about Project Whydah, we know Misty Hannah was involved, as was Zeke Calvin, but what was the goal, what did they accomplish, who else was involved and how did the work that began at Whydah lead the NIA towards establishing the Niantic Project?

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