Another Visur Technology leak reveals that Calvin is indeed aware of the operation being mounted by two of his charges at IQTech Research, and if one reads between the lines, of Hulong Transglobal's counter-effort.

What remains to be seen is how he will play his way out of this complex situation, with high stakes, dangerous enemies and many moving parts.

My question for the day involves Yuen Ni: (a passcode for those who contribute toward a thoughtful discussion)

If you've read Felicia Hajra-Lee's work, and we assume it to be relatively factual, (if you haven't I'd recommend it, or you could ask one of our regular contributors to bring you up to speed), we know exactly how Ni lost her position as director of the NIA, and her previous relationship with Hulong. Given the situation Ni is in now, where do her loyalties really lie? Being a dynamic and driven individual, what is her best play to bring herself back into a position of power?

Felicia Hajra-Lee's novel The Niantic Project: Ingress is available on Google Play and in the Amazon e-book store.