Yesterday it was revealed that operators from within IQTech Research have a plan afoot: They intend to extract three former Niantic Researcher out from under the NIA and Hazdata's control at the shuttered Niantic Geneva facility.

Today, a Visur intelligence intercept reveals that they are not alone: Hulong Transglobal may be planning to beat them to the punch.

Given that the intelligence intercept came from Visur, one can speculate that they have machinations of their own developing as well.

What is clear is that forces are converging on Geneva and the former Niantic facility, and with neither The Glyphs, Carrie Campbell or her journal, the Corporations are grasping desperately for an upper hand over each other.

Here is my question for the day: (a passcode for those who help build a thoughtful discussion)

Yesterday's document had IQTech operators accusing Ezekiel Calvin of being 'asleep at the wheel', or possibly 'serving other interests,' and strategically I can see the logic in IQTech (or any corporation) trying to gain the skills and knowledge present in members of the original Niantic team. If their accusations are true, why are they operating behind Calvin's back? Is he mismanaging the situation, or is he in fact serving another interest? Whose?

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