A leaked Hulong Transglobal document reveals that operators within IQTech Research may be conspiring to close the chapter for good on the ill-fortuned Niantic Project facility in Geneva.

Following then NIA Director Yuen Ni's directive to terminate the project, which was responsible for much of the XM technology currently in existence, including the Ingress XM scanner device, a covert 'cleanup' organization called Hazdata was dispatched, and over the course of a day, the Niantic Project was converted into a shell of its former self.

Following these series of events, the NIA and Hazdata have forcibly retained control of Niantic's data archives and equipment, as well as three XM scientists who were part of the project, Drs. Nagassa, Lightman and Schubert. After a thorough 'offboarding' Hazdata released investigators Carrie Campbell and Enoch Dalby, considering their 'soft research' to be of little value. Can't help but think they are regretting that decision right now, and it may explain why focus is shifting back to Niantic, back to three XM researchers whose talents and knowledge the power-hungry have yet to exploit.

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Today's document sheds more light on the inner workings of IQTech, a company we've seen in glimpses but never enough to get a real understanding of what must be a complex internal political dynamic. What is your opinion of them? If we were to simplify, would you consider them good or evil, beneficial or harmful to the greater good?

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