Today, Devra Bogdanovich shared this letter openly, probably as an attempt to soften Visur Technology's public image. It's a compelling statement, but ultimately, words are hollow and actions define your character and values. It remains to be seen how Visur will attempt to use their knowledge of Exotic Matter for the good of Humanity.

I have received confirmation from the London Enlightened that they will provide high-resolution scans of The Glyphs and will share them as I receive them. I have yet to receive solid intel on what went down on the ground at Operation #Voynich, but backchatter rumors indicate that a) A handoff occurred, Carrie Campbell may have exchanged a package with a member of the Hamburg Enlightened. b) The Hamburg Enlightened may be coordinating movement and study of this package with the London Enlightened.

Much is in the wind on this topic for now, but I will remain vigilant in keeping you posted as things develop.

My question for the day:

Since we are on the topic of corporations attempting to soften their public image, is Hulong Transglobal good or evil, and do you believe what Devra claims as Visur's true agenda?

I will share a passcode from my private stash to all who contribute compelling thoughts to our conversation today.

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