Over the past few days, a new topic for our Investigative attention to focus on has come to the surface: The Glyphs uncovered at Cross Plains by Hank Johnson.

I am certain that Carrie Campbell is one of the keys to enable Humanity to unlock their secrets, but she may not be the only one. We, after all, have the wisdom of the crowd.

Before I propose my question of the day, I ask that any Investigators who were on the ground at Operation #Voynich come forward and share any information related to what may have unfolded there. Did Carrie communicate with anyone? Did she hand off anything? Were corporate agents spotted? Did she escape safely? Someone, please provide us with a comprehensive update.

My question for the day is more of a thought experiment.

If what has been proposed in a myriad of conversations, memos, leaks and theories has any truth, it is possible that these Glyphs may have some form of mental 'Shaping' power, or they may represent some kind of long-lost proto-language. Can we, through a meditative analysis of them, begin to propose what they might mean? I'm all ears.

As always, a passcode from my private stash to those who help enrich our conversation today.

I have personally reached out to the London Enlightened to request high resolution scans of these glyphs. In the mean time this version from their original G+ share will have to suffice.

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