What does it mean to be neutral? Must a journalist and an investigator have no identity of their own, or must they instead be who they are, but always allow the truth to prevail, even when the truth stands against them.

I've always strived to be fully neutral, to maintain my objectivity in an increasingly divided world, but the events of the past few weeks have led me to a realization. I am Resistance. I will always be Resistance, however, I am also a truth-seeker, and those who purport to seek the truth must make their words into action by always valuing the truth above all else.

In the days to come, no matter whether you agree with my beliefs or not, know that the truth will always prevail, and I will be there to share that truth with you all, unfiltered, unobstructed and free from any personal bias.

Here is my question for today, I will share a passcode with all those who help contribute to a meaningful discussion (regardless of your faction):

Is Visur good or evil?

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