A recent series of posts from the London Enlightened seemed to indicate that Agent Richard Walden, the Enlightened agent who had been entrusted with the #TimeZero package, was potentially maneuvering to transfer the prized item back to Hank Johnson.

A feint, it seems.

This letter sent to me by a confidential informant, from Hank Johnson to the London Enlightened, exposes that these posts were likely a foil designed to throw off the three XM corporations, Hulong Transglobal, IQTech Research and Visur Technology, who are still conspiring to get their hands on the powerful symbols the package contains.

I'm continuing my 'Question of the Day' series, and as usual a one-time passcode from my private stash is yours for contributing to a meaningful and deep discussion of the complex topics at hand.

Carrie Campbell... Her alignment, intentions, and probable location. What are your thoughts?

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