Someone asked me to put down my thoughts about the state of things following Operation Timezero and the Portland Anomaly. It's a whirlwind inside my mind right now, but I'll work on starting to get the ideas down. Suffice to say I have had a lot to process during the last few weeks.

Starting today, I'm also going to start reaching out to you to help answers the big questions that are out there in the world of Ingress. If you make an extraordinarily compelling case, I'll privately message you a passcode out of a stash I've managed to acquire over the months. Here's my question for today:

What do you think the dangers and opportunities are in seeing the so called "Shaper Glyphs?" Have the glyphs had any effect on the London Enlightened cell that has been holding them or any other Investigators or Agents we know to have had contact?

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