According to Carrie Campbell, this video of Hank Johnson fleeing from unknown pursuers is the last video that was recovered from the memory card he arranged to be delivered to her. Hank Johnson's current status is unknown.

According to her most recent Google+ post, Carrie indicates that Hank intended to transport a package containing his findings from the secret mine (believed to be the mythological San Saba Mines) to her at Operation TimeZero. As best as I can gather, those findings are expected to be some form of advanced writing or symbols preserved as petrographs within the mine, artifacts of a historical civilization native to the area.

A letter (1,2) from Jim Bowie describing the mine in greater detail was surfaced by Thomas Greanias yesterday.

It remains to be seen if this package of Hank's findings, clearly an item of great value, will be uncovered at #timezero tomorrow.

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