Lyton-Wolfe: Two very quick updates: Sent at 09:01 AM on Wednesday This chat is off the record

Calvin: yes?
Lyton-Wolfe: First, we re-ran analysis on the expected anomaly in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and have confirmed that it too has evolved into a temporal anomaly.
Calvin: ok. so similar to Austin?
Lyton-Wolfe: Practically identical. The state of the anomaly will be measured at 5:02, 5:32, 6:02, 6:32 and 7:02 PM local time. The overall outcome will be determined by the quantum state of the anomaly at all five of these checkpoints.
Calvin: OK. I was expecting that when you told me about the ripples in Austin.
Lyton-Wolfe: Yes, the data now confirms it.
Calvin: What was the other update?
Lyton-Wolfe: A new feature is being primed for release into the scanner. It will help the field operatives to more rapidly expand the candidate portal database. It goes without saying this will be a tremendous boost to our XM inflow. Lynton-Wolfe has attached an image. Portal Discovery 1
Lyton-Wolfe: Another. Lynton-Wolfe has attached an image. Portal Discovery 2
Calvin: excellent work. prime it for deployment asap.