Calvin: lynton-wolfe wants to use the dronenet to send supplies to the austin anomalies. Sent at 04:01 AM on Wednesday This chat is off the record

Phillips: you know my reservations.
Calvin: i am tentatively supporting wolfe on this.
Phillips: i understand. best intel at this point suggests somewhere in the 50 operative range.
Calvin: where are you getting the intel?
Phillips: ada is tracking the social networks.
Calvin: where is the threshold where the dronenet makes sense?
Phillips: north of 200, at least.
Calvin: if intel suggests we have crossed that number, you have my auth to deploy.
Phillips: understood.
Calvin: what does your team report re misty?
Phillips: hyperthreading incidences have been picking up.
Calvin: what's your worst case scenario?
Phillips: we don't understand this phenomenon. we've seen xm essence move from portal to portal before with jarvis. but he was a dead man. this is different.
Calvin: what are you getting at?
Phillips: misty may be a higher level sensitive than we've ever had to deal with before. worst case scenario, this moves beyond her xm essence. she hyperthreads her physical form. and then teaches others how she did it.
Calvin: seems a little bit paranoid, even for you.
Phillips: after jarvis, i decided to raise the bar a bit.
Calvin: don't act on your paranoia. i don't want her dealt with.
Phillips: I wasn't suggesting that. yet.