Lyton-Wolfe: Director Ni. Are you there? Sent at 09:01 PM on Wednesday This chat is off the record

Yuen: here
Lyton-Wolfe: First, a general report. XM Harvesting is going exceptionally well. And of course we expect it will accelerate after deploying the power cube.
Yuen: that's good.
Lyton-Wolfe: So for now, I'd like to activate more agents.
Yuen: Dr. Lyton-Wolfe, Expanding xm harvesting is a low low low priority in light of everything else happening. things are going off the rails in ten different ways right now. I'm trying to get this under control and frankly it's not going that well. Are you understanding me?
Lyton-Wolfe: Director. Of course, I appreciate your efforts. I should tell you then that I already released scanner access invitations to all agents Level 6-8. Hello?
Yuen: oliver. you are out of your mind. and you are creating more problems for me.