Calvin: phillip's security team has reported that Misty Hannah has been moving in and out of an erratic quantum state while in lockdown. Sent at 11:55 PM on Sunday This chat is off the record

Lynton-Wolfe: I suspected as much. It's called hyperthreading. It's an artifact of XM entanglement...
Calvin: she is in two points in space-time simultaneously?
Lynton-Wolfe: Effectively, yes. We don't yet fully understand how this is possible or the mechanics of it, but basically her XM aura flickered in and out of existence.
Calvin: is this like what we've seen before? With Hank?
Lynton-Wolfe: Correct. It is a heightened version of what we think we saw with Mr. Johnson and the individual currently known as Klue.
Calvin: and this is part of your exotic essence theory?
Lynton-Wolfe: Quite perceptive. Our best understanding is that sensitives are drawn to places with high concentrations of XM. With prolonged exposure to those sites, sensitives can experience XM entanglement with them. Once the bond is made, they are effectively linked, forever.
Calvin: let me get this straight. If I was drawn to my college, when I went there I formed a bond with it, and whatever happens there now affects me?
Lynton-Wolfe: If you were a high level sensitive with sufficient receptivity. But yes, it's a good approximation of the theory.
Calvin: Misty's as high level a sensitive as I've ever seen.
Lynton-Wolfe: I would concur. Do you remember when she told us the story about growing up in Marfa, Texas?
Calvin: yeah... Hanging out along the drag near the UT campus. Listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan and fighting the boredom by playing D&D and role-playing games.
Lynton-Wolfe: In all likelihood both Vaughan and role-playing creator Gygax were extreme sensitives, channelling XM induced creativity.
Calvin: And you're saying that all this is adding up to an emergent anomaly event, like what we just saw with the solver known as Klue in Scotland or previously with Hank at Cahokia?
Lynton-Wolfe: Not one. Three.
Calvin: This is going from bad to worse.
Lynton-Wolfe: I feel quite the opposite. These subjects will be exposed to massive doses of XM. This is a tremendous opportunity for them. And for us as well.
Calvin: it's spiraling out of our control. and that worries me. Tell me what's coming. Lynton-Wolfe has attached an image. Misty Anomaly
Lynton-Wolfe: 1st anomaly center. Austin, Texas. Active on 3/9 and 3/16. Anomaly ends at sunset on both those days. I've highlighted the key portal, but all 15 portals in this image are contributors. Lynton-Wolfe has attached an image. Misty Anomaly
Lynton-Wolfe: 2nd anomaly center. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Active on 03/16. Anomaly ends at sunset. Again, I've highlighted the key portal, but all 15 portals in this set of images are contributors.
Calvin: how do these relate to misty?
Lynton-Wolfe: The anomaly in Austin, Texas is a statue of Stevie Ray Vaughan. The anomaly in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin is the site of the convention known as Gary Con, celebrating the sensitive Gary Gygax.
Calvin: so now Misty's in play as well. What's the end game?
Lynton-Wolfe: Each of the three anomalies' state at the end-time will contribute to the overall quantum outcome. As usual, the mechanic to influence the outcome is to capture the central highlighted portal in a field, with the outermost field dominating. Failing that, by capturing the majority of 15 contributing portals.
Calvin: what is your suggested course of action?
Lynton-Wolfe: As you know I find these anomalies to be of tremendous value. I would recommend we use the Niantic Dronenet to supply ground operatives with resources, at the very least at the Austin location.
Calvin: very well. I will take your advice up the chain.