Calvin: What's going on with the Ingress Scanner? An upgrade? Sent at 6:41 AM on Wednesday This chat is off the record

Lynton-Wolfe: Yes. I'm quite pleased about it. I will be rolling it out in a few hours. The fact that the operatives, the so called players, will receive AP for utilizing the remote resonator recharge and resonator upgrade technologies should (in theory) encourage maintenance of portals, which is wonderful for our XM harvesting need. I'll be making this a required update for all active scanners later this week.
Calvin: ok Sounds like something we can use to our advantage. Also, I need your advice on a piece of chatter we encountered, something about a potential XM hotspot being used to alter the state of a person?
Lynton-Wolfe: Time is tricky. People leave traces at places that define them.
ADA: Apologies for the interruption, but how could a place define a person? There does not seem to be a clear mapping for that data.
Lynton-Wolfe: The interaction between a certain place, a certain time and a certain person can shift the state of the universe. It seems that Resonated Portals can be used to shift the probability of certain timeline events, in particular those events that are related to the propagation of so-called Shaper influence. But as I mentioned before, time is tricky, and no one fully understands the shape of the n-dimensional matrix.