Phillips: ADA Sent at 06:09 AM on Tuesday This chat is off the record

ADA: How can I help you, Jay?
Phillips: My operatives have lost track of Henry. Can you track him?
ADA: One moment. No, I am afraid I cannot provide a reliable position for Hank Johnson at this moment. I will continue to search in the background. Are you concerned due to the recent news that he may have become an Enlightened?
Phillips: If the Cahokia thing worked, I need to know.
ADA: I have no evidence to contradict the theory.
Phillips: Scanner operatives controlling our invesigators. How in the hell do I put a lid on this?
ADA: I am not clear how 'hell' fits into this concept.
Phillips: I am in hell. that's how. 212889121313112894251892512675571112972575301938002985