Calvin: What the hell is going on with our Scanner? Some unwitting field agents are reporting problems. Sent at 5:01 PM on Wednesday This chat is off the record

Lynton-Wolfe: Unexpectedly high levels of usage are creating localized XM anomalies.
Calvin: anomalies?
Lynton-Wolfe: It seems players have been accumulating too many XM constructs. The density of XM objects is perturbing the basic functions of the scanner.
Calvin: Have we got a solution that still allows us to add operatives as quickly as possible?
Lynton-Wolfe: I could alter scanner behavior or purge excess inventories of XM objects. That might help.
Calvin: Keep that as an option, but not yet.
Lynton-Wolfe: Alternatively we could limit the the number of XM objects that can be accumulated, to avoid the formation of localized anomalies. We could tell agents to voluntarily purge their inventories.
Calvin: acceptable short term solution. Your last report mentioned some other disruption in the XM fabric based on the latest Keyhole survey.
Lynton-Wolfe: Yes. The portal key objects have become more difficult to synthesize. they are appearing less frequently The portal synch encoding has been harder for us to track. Something is definitely altering the XM flow, collecting it away from us, like something is going to be -- for lack of a better word -- birthed.