Yuen: I’m getting raised eyebrows on this Shaper Study Proposal. they want a clear threat/opportunity assessment. Sent at 05:17 AM on Sunday This chat is off the record Zeke: Top sheet answer: We have discovered signals at the subatomic level. They appear to contain ordered information. They are from no known source. We believe it is some kind of signal (i.e. it's not noise). The signals also seem to have a physiological effect on some test subjects. We are calling those who the signal affects 'sensitives'. We've got to find out more before any of this leaks, even internally.

Yuen: and at the proper time you can provide convincing evidence of this?
Zeke: yes, and I can wrap it in PHDs. Kureze, Schubert, Bogdanovich, Nagassa. more if necessary.
Yuen: Threat assessment?
Zeke: If this truly is directed communication and it is somehow affecting the behaviour of some who are exposed to it, the implications are staggering. We have to consider it a hostile threat by default.
Yuen: That will get some attention. Opportunities?
Zeke: Direct analysis of alternative... intelligence? what else creates signal but intelligence? a treasure trove of knowledge and data..
Yuen: not enough to justify a one tier investigation. board will thummb it down. its hot air until theres proof. You need to give me something more.
Zeke: What if its a two tier investigation? the sensitives. they’re all affected.
Yuen: clarify.
Zeke: We can study them, expose them to increasing levels of XM and watch. t/o becomes analyzing the communication signal (is it a virus?), seeking to control its spread vector, determine how it works and how it can be prevented from working. If we can isolate the mechanics behind it...
Yuen: I see. ok. You deliver the sheepskins and i'll deliver the funding..