Yuen: Perhaps, Dr. Calvin... You could explain how our XM harvesting tech arrived on a public site and is now being downloaded by thousands??? More each minute. This is a DISASTROUS compromise of your operation. Sent at 07:41 AM on Thursday This chat is off the record

Zeke: We ALL knew we were taking a risk when we created the App and distributed it to the researchers and operatives.
Yuen: Yyou have suspects?
Zeke: lots. I have ruled nobody out. It could be any researcher... it could be the Glitchy Guy.
Yuen: The glitchy Guy?
Zeke: There is a video on youtube of a guy who purchased the phone Devra lost on the train. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUA3SuH2kR4 We tracked it and retrieved it, but not before there was some... friction.
Yuen: I am aware of that situation.
Zeke: Yes. My best guess right now is that he is the source of the app being outed, I'm pretty sure it's him.
Yuen: But you are not sure. So it could be anyone, even you?
Zeke: I am certain it is not me. I haven't ruled you out.
Yuen: Your sarcasm is not appreciated.
Zeke: It isn't sarcasm.
Yuen: Shut down the servers supporting the app Coordinate with Ken and get the app off the store. Take every site that mentions it down. FIX THIS.
Zeke: We could request that it be taken out of the store and shut down the servers. but that could generate controversy and attention. and this operation would largely come to a standstill.
Yuen: so what do you recommend we do?
Zeke: For now. Nothing.
Yuen: that doenst seem like a course of action.
Zeke: It is difficult to set a course in uncharted waters.
Yuen: are you mocking me???
Zeke: no. I'm exercising caution. We must make our next move very, very carefully.