Delivered-To: Received from: with SMTP id dp20359ew206; Received from: with SMTP id qwz102119p81; Received from: ( []) by with ESMTPS id szre.n81112s. (version=TLSv1/SSLv3 cipher=OTHER); Received-SPF: neutral ( client-ip=;) Authentication-Results:; spf=neutral ; dkim=pass (test mode) header.i= lmthrotc1v/hturt == v.k.3 Message-ID:<> Received from: with SMTP id dpderz81100; From: 'Dr. Ezekiel Calvin' <> Reply-to: <> Subject: Re: Detection Algorithm To: Henry Bowles <> MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary='706848767-414096913-8333497=:74037'--706848767-414096913-8333497=:74037 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Henry, Obviously, this makes me extremely nervous, but... I will play that role. Calvin "Henry Bowles" <> wrote: Dr. Calvin, As I explained to you when we first spoke, if I am to finish the project on time and to proper quality, I need a clear path to progress unimpeded by bureaucracy. That means, I work in the dark and acquire the resources I need, at will. Your job is to get impediments out of my way, not become one. As you indicated that there was no fixed budget on the ADA construction, I do not believe the contracts I have put in place should pose a problem for you or the NIA. I will of course route all contracts through Mr. Owen for clearance checks. Engineering time is fragile, and _any_ interruptions will impede my ability to meet your already aggressive delivery timeframe. Bowles "Dr. Ezekiel Calvin" <> wrote: Henry, Yes, you've got our needs right, but please run it by me before contracting researchers. I look forward to your design doc. Calvin "Henry Bowles" <> wrote: Dr. Calvin, As I understand the task at hand, I am to create an intelligent algorithm that is designed to both facilitate and monitor the researchers on the Niantic team semiautonomously. The contemplated program, much of which already exists in Omnivore components, should be easy to stand up. I anticipate the significant issue to be tuning the neural net to relate to the diverse collection of researchers and subject matters we have rostered for the team. It will need enhanced 'empathy' as well as psychological pattern recognition -- especially if we are to detect the subtle mental changes within the researchers that are anticipated. To achieve both the fluidity and relatability necessary, I have contracted a colleague of mine, H. Richard Loeb to help me out. He's done an outstanding job with 'relatability programming' both in the public and the private sector. By the way, I have come up with a name for this program, A Detection Algorithm. Shorthand will be ADA. I anticipate a female persona for the program. Henry Bowles