Yuen: So hereís where we are. We donít know who the mole is. How they are disseminating information to the outside world. whether they are influenced by the shapers or whether they are ultimately acting in our interests? Sent at 3:01 PM on Wednesday This chat is off the record

Zeke: We should *not* assume that it is one of the researchers. I think we should look inside the NIA itself.
Yuen: That investigation is underway. In the meantime, we must regain the initiative. Influence the flow of information, even if we canít control it
Zeke: You have something in mind?
Yuen: Spring our own leaks. Not disinformation. Barium. Antonin Letís put things into the system and see where they spread to. Whoís interested? Whoís influenced?
Zeke: Do you want me to run this?
Yuen: no. How well do you know bowles?
Zeke: Not well, but he's was cleared as thoroughly as all the others. I hav eno personal information.
Yuen: Neither do I. I think Iíll give the task to him. 3vh1v It will be interesting to see what he does with it?
Zeke: You suspect he is the leak?
Yuen: Until we know who it is, I suspect everybody