One of the remaining pages from the Tycho comic.

Our discussion of Ezekiel Calvin was fruitful. I commend the attention to detail many Investigators brought to the table, examining even the smallest of fragments within the evidence to allow us to shed more light on this powerful, important and enigmatic man.

This focused attention to detail, as well as the capacity to inhale and digest the expanding breadth of our Investigation will be crucial in the coming days, weeks and months as Operation #13MAGNUS begins to reveal itself. I hope that our more experienced Investigators will continue to act as torchbearers to those who are just joining us.

Last week, a small but noticeable message was injected into the Ingress Report. It contained, in addition to a string of data that was later discovered to contain important information about the #13MAGNUS anomalies, brief glimpses of art that Investigators later identified as images of the ancient Egyptian god, Osiris.

I have two main questions that emerge from that: The first and foremost, of course, is why? Why Osiris, and what might that have to do with #13MAGNUS. The second was the result of a thought experiment I conducted, thinking of the members of the Niantic Project and other key people involved with the study and exploitation of XM as a pantheon. If one were to match ancient gods with the Niantic researchers and other XM pioneers, who would match with whom, and why?

A passcode to those who contribute meaningfully to our discussion, today.


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