Misty Hannah had been radio silent for a long time before she reached out to me in the transcript I'm sharing with you today.

Generally, I'm not too keen on sharing transcripts of my own conversations, but I also want to keep things transparent. As a result, I tend to err on the side of disclosure. In this case, Misty brings some important information to the table that I think the Investigative Community would benefit from having.

First, I hope I'm not the only one noticing the similarity between Misty's sentiment and Yuri Alaric Nagassa's from yesterday. Distance and clarity: A common theme.

I'm also concerned by her inability to 'see' Klue at all. In some ways, that reads to me as if Klue might have fallen off both grids, the electronic one where ADA watches, and the spiritual one where Misty's skillset enables her to see. Not a comforting thought.

I have to admit I'm tempted by her advice to drop my commitments and go on a journey to clear myself. I don't know what that would mean for my work here with you all, and who, if anyone, would be able to take over the role of running this Investigation. No decisions are made yet, but after Carrie and Klue, I could use some time to reorganize my sense of the world.

Many big ideas on the table today. The dangers of over-exposure to XM and the clarity gained from distance, Klue's absence in both the electronic and the spiritual plane, and the fate, perhaps, of this very Investigation. Your thoughts, as always, will enable us to find the truth together.

A passcode to those who contribute meaningfully to our conversation today.