Both Stein Lightman and Yuri Alaric Nagassa seem deeply affected by their tenure at the Niantic Project, but interestingly, just as much by the turns their lives have taken since the Project was brought to a close.

Lightman's Glyph research may be beginning to take a toll, we witnessed this with Carrie. It's something for us all to watch with caution and concern... Despite my doubts about his methods, the fact remains that he is one of our only sources when it comes to decrypting, understanding and learning to exploit the Shaper Glyphs.

Nagassa, on the other hand, seems to be emerging increasingly (along with Hank Johnson, of course) as a researcher who can show us the nature of Exotic Matter and its influence through the perspective of epochs.

They raise the issue of who may have been responsible for the death of Victor Kureze. It's a mystery we've never been able to put to rest, and I'm not sure we have all the answers yet. How exactly the Niantic Facility was finally shuttered remains unclear, although we know the Corporations, Hank Johnson and Zeke Calvin may all have played a role.

Two interesting ideas emerge: The first is that the Anazktec tribe that Yuri grew up with may in fact be the remnant of a civilization affected by a Shaper Self Destruct code. The second is that the tribe seems to be using the chaotic growth of nature to mask the Portals. I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

A passcode, as always, to those who contribute meaningfully to our conversation.