Safety, together.

What's fascinating about the newest Glyph translations released by Dr. Stein Lightman is that they seem to indicate that Tycho is emotionally channeling Glyphs from the moments in his visions without even knowing what they might mean.

Together, Devra and Jarvis were safe, but they split up. Jarvis drew the short straw and ended up dead in Zurich. Devra managed to escape with her life, but if you've read Felicia Hajra-Lee's vision of Devra's journey, The Niantic Project: Ingress, you know that she faced her own set of challenges.

Given the situation she's found herself in at Visur Technology, compromising her integrity for Ilya Pevtsov, one can't but help wonder: What if they had never parted ways on the night of their escape from Niantic? It's also important to remember why they parted ways that night... ADA.

The other thing that's bothering me, and this is something that Investigators have raised before, is that Stein Lightman's process is extraordinarily opaque. We discover a Glyph and some days later he releases a translation. He claims that these translations are peer-reviewed and based on copious research, but we never get to see this research. How is Stein Lightman able to translate these Glyphs, and can his translations be trusted? What do we even know about him, information is very scarce...

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