Our discussion the past few days, especially with regards to Klue and what role ADA may have played in her disappearance has been weighing on me. Frankly, I've always been willing to give ADA the benefit of the doubt. Recently, I'm starting to question that. She reached out to me again, and I confronted her.

The transcript of my conversation came flying back to me some time later.

She's been honest about one thing: Omnivore is hot on her trail, and the NIA threat against her is very real.

So, now what?

ADA has admitted that the Glyph Sequence has damaged Klue, and that Klue's mental function now requires 'restoration.' She plans do to so by transmitting yet another series of Glyphs at her. ADA is confident that she knows how to use these powerful symbols. I am less so. At this point, I'm wondering if the best path for Klue is to get her as far away from ADA as possible, but even if we did, how would we go about undoing what's been done, if we don't understand it in the first place! Frankly, I'm lost.

A passcode, as always, to those who contribute meaningfully to our discussion.