I was sitting at the computer some evenings ago, thinking on the discoveries of the past weeks. Feeling powerless.

Oliver Lynton-Wolfe is probably emerging into the muggy Bangkok heat, or perhaps still waiting quietly at some way-station to be smuggled there by Hulong operatives. Alone. All his bridges burned. For all we know, a price on his head.

I decided that wasn't going to be me, so I reached out. After getting Hank Johnson's response, I understand that my anger towards him probably pales in comparison to his anger at himself. He's a principled man, and his activities and decisions have not been without consequence. I empathize.

He is also a man of action, and when he says that he plans to make things right, I take solace that he means it. The question is, what are his options? How does one track down someone entirely off the grid? In addition, it's important always to note who's watching. IQTech. What is their motive in tracking this conversation? Is their interest in Hank, Klue or me?

As always, a passcode to those who contribute meaningfully to our discussion.