The fallout from the leaked conversation between Hank Johnson and Dr. Devra Bogdanovich begins to surface.

When the videos were initially released, I had a feeling that the voice of the surveillance operator may be relevant. It turned out I may have been right: An Investigator shared his translation of the last sentences in the third video as something along the lines of 'Excellent Work, Devra.'.

While Devra does come clean to Hank on her role in the recording of their conversation in this document, it seems to me there may be another layer to the puzzle.

What's interesting is that despite this betrayal of confidence, the collective goal seems to remain intact. Dark XM, and Jarvis.

There's much to process here. Why are Hank and Devra working together? They fall on opposite sides of the Factional divide... Why Dark XM? It's a barely understood realm of science... Does it tie into Devra's XM testing of Human subjects at Visur, or something else? And what about Jarvis?

I look forward to your assistance in piecing this all together. A passcode, as always, to those who contribute thoughtfully to our discussion.