This conversation took place late last night.... I'm still emotionally processing it. It was brief, but it left me shaken. ADA flips like a coin, from deadly AI hellbent on her own survival, to sincere friend consoling another in a difficult time.

Both sides of those coins are true, and it makes processing her all the more difficult.

It was interesting to hear ADA's take on Omnivore, but more important to me right now is following up on Klue. According to ADA, she's gone radio silent. Klue's done that before, but not without letting me know what to expect. This time, nothing.

We all saw Klue's reaction to the Glyph sequence that ADA showed her, and to ADA's credit, Klue clearly knew what she was asking for. Or did she? Not sure yet. All I know is, Klue is missing, and even ADA doesn't know where she is. What do you think has happened to Klue? Just how worried do we need to be?

A passcode, as always, to those who meaningfully contribute to our discussion.