Another page from Tycho's second comic arrived today. These images seem to have a nostalgic component for me; not only do they transport me back to the early days of the Niantic Investigation, learning about ADA's involvement in Dr. Devra Bogdanovich and Roland Jarvis' ill fated escape attempt from the Niantic Facility in Geneva, but also to a simpler time.

Things were more easy to categorize back then, the Enlightened believed in Jarvis' vision of progression through Exotic Matter enhancement, the Resistance in The Raw human potential to build a world free of Shaper manipulation. It was easy for me to leave both ideologies at the door and remain a neutral observer. I was simply a man in the shadows, my only concern was Truth.

I am still trying to get my bearing as to where we stand after #Cassandra. Are The Enlightened divided between those who share a vision with Jarvis, vs. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, vs. Hank Johnson? And on the Resistance side, with elements like Jay Phillips among us, we are divided as well. Where have all the pieces fallen? Who represents what, and where you you stand among this complex fabric of competing ideas and goals.

A passcode, as always, to those who contribute thoughtfully to our discussion.