More revelations emerge as the second piece of Dr. Devra Bogdanovich and Hank Johnson's surveilled New York meeting during Operation #Cassandra is leaked to me.

Not only was Devra experimenting with very high-dose XM on her test subjects, but she was sharing information with Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe.

All recent evidence seems to indicate that Dr. Lynton-Wolfe remains steady in his desire to expand his knowledge of XM and the Shapers, at any and all costs. Information like this in the hands of someone so reckless worries me deeply.

To top it all of, Devra mentions that some of her test subjects 'did bad things.' What has she done? This is beginning to sound less and less like the ethically uncertain Devra Bogdanovich who stole away under ADA's wing from the Niantic Facility in Geneva. Perhaps I am failing to give her the benefit of the doubt, I'll reserve judgement until things are clearer, but so far the evidence is quite damning.

Has anyone been able to gleam any information on the Russian/East European speaker in the video? In order to place this information in the right context, we need to analyze not just its content, but who leaked it and why.

Many of you shared my concerns yesterday about the ethical problems inherent in being exposed to XM as an Ingress agent. Some of you also pointed out that, if the Ancient Portal hypothesis is true, XM has always been a part of our natural environment, we are only now growing aware of it. If so, Devra's work has tread past this terrain, and into something much darker. I am increasingly having difficulty reconciling the Devra in this video with the person who I believed she was before. Has Devra been Shaped?

As always, a passcode to those who thoughtfully contribute to our discussion.