If we accept that the Tycho vision from some days ago is accurate, that the father of the Ingress Scanner Technology and Jarvis have irreconcilable differences, then Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe is truly a man with no home.

He burned his bridge with IQTech Research and Ezekiel Calvin after emptying their cache of XM constructs and sharing them with the Enlightened in Washington DC during that vector of the #Cassandra Anomaly. Although recent leaks have indicated Calvin wants OLW back in pocket, the desire may be less about rebuilding trust and friendship and more about damage control and keeping the competition in check.

After #Cassandra ended, Dr. Lynton-Wolfe, in a video message, called Jarvis a mere puppet, after which Tycho's vision entered and cemented our awareness of the divide between these two Enlightened paragons.

We now see Hulong Transglobal attempting to inject themselves into the situation.

What do you think Dr. Lynton-Wolfe's next move is? With so many bridges burned, and so much in question with regards to his psychological state, where might he turn next?

In other news, Carrie Campbell's death seems to have resonated widely, I found short messages in her memory on the Google+ pages of several other former Niantic Members and operators in the XM arena. If you spot any I might have missed, let me know, I'd like to make sure I collect them all.

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