A knock at the door, I waited inside until whoever was knocking had left. I wasn't expecting a visitor.

At the door, lay a long cardboard tube. Inside, this: A new poster, signed by Tycho.

If you'll recall, the last series of Tycho posters were revelatory, predicting with tremendous accuracy events that at the time were months in the future. This time, it's possible that the moment being captured has already happened, but Tycho retains his signature insight into the compelling details of the vision.

The man in the foreground, if my guess is correct, is Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe. Last time we saw him, he mentioned that he needed to go 'make his apologies'. I wonder if this is what that meant.

I am also fascinated by the dialogue on the poster. Previously we encountered cryptic phrases that at the time meant nothing. This time, it seems Tycho is drawing more from his Comic Book skillset. My question for you all today is, what do we make of this? Is it possible that this indicates that Dr. Lynton-Wolfe (if that is even him) has decided to change allegiances and now represents the Resistance and threatens Jarvis? Or is this a hint of a divide within the Enlightened....

As always, a passcode to those who contribute meaningfully to our discussion.