I had a camera person with me in Chicago during Operation #Cassandra, there to document the activities of Agents and Investigators on the ground during the Anomaly.

Just before I left the city, I tried to make contact with Carrie. We met, briefly. She was troubled, not communicating clearly and left suddenly in a panic brought on by something she saw in her mind alone.

When we returned from Chicago, we attempted to view the material we had gathered, and for the most part they were fine. The images of Carrie that I shared with you a few days ago had minor damage, what appeared to be Glyphs erupting into the frame. The video was much more severely distorted, and a portion of it was lost.

After days working with the memory card, my friend was able to recover what you see here today. If the worst has happened, these may be the final moments anyone saw Carrie Campbell alive.

She repeatedly mentions something called a 'Sound Glyph,' and that hearing it makes people 'change.' I don't have full clarity on what she meant, it could mean the Cassandra Signal that emerged from the Portal, or it could be something else entirely. It does make sense that if a Visual Glyph can bypass our linguistic circuits and interact with the mind directly, an Auditory Glyph would be able to do the same.

I asked yesterday about the value the Glyphs might have, and why they may represent a threat. Today I am interested in how they may have been a part of our history across time. A Viking Runestone, for example, was discovered near the site of Operation #Minotaur in Minnesota. Although its authenticity is debated, the similarity between the runes and certain known Glyphs is remarkable. The same could be said for Hieroglyphs. Although our knowledge of the Shaper Glyphs is limited, where in history and modern times can we find them mutated and present in our everyday systems of signs and language? And what does this mean?

A passcode, as always, to those who contribute meaningfully in our discussion.